Interview with a Pornstar 1

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dtl_cid_girl TGR: So did you ever think when you were a little girl, this is where you’d be? In porn?

K: Oh, god, no.

TGR: What’s the first time it ever crossed your mind?

K. Oh my god. The first time?

TGR: Yes.

K: I think everybody thinks about it in the back of their minds, to a certain extent. Everybody always kind of wonders what it would be like. But I can’t say exactly when was the first time, because I’m a horny girl and I’ve been watching porn forever.

TGR: Since you were how old?

K: I have no idea…maybe like, fifteen.

TGR: Okay, go on.

K: It was never that far off to me. Like I don’t think I shocked too many people.

TGR: What about your family? Did you shock them?

K: Oh, yeah. My mom just found it.

TGR: Recently?

K: Yes.
TGR: And how long have you been doing it?

K: I’ve been doing it for, like, a little after I got married, like, five months. And I wanted to wait until I was doing something really nice, or a feature. She knows that my husband does it, so she probably knew that I was gonna do it. But I wanted to wait until I was doing something nice and pretty. And somebody walks into her work with a movie called Who’s Your Daddy? And she shows her the box and says: ‘Does this girl look familiar to you?’

TGR: Wait, wait. You were on the box of Who’s Your Daddy?

K: Yeah.

TGR: And someone at her work brought it into her? Is this a true story?

K: (sounding bummed just remembering it). Yes.

TGR: So mom called you right away…

K: Mom called me and…

TGR: How long did it take her to call you?

K: Oh, God, I don’t know. Like the next day. And they gave her a copy of it. And she was like: ‘I don’t want to watch this.’ So her friends watched it…

RC: And you were doing daddy?

K: No! My husband.

TGR: Played the daddy role?

K: Yes.

TGR: Okay.

K: It’s not even like that. It’s like, you know… (In man’s tone) Who’s your daddy? (Answering in little girl tone, which she does much better): Yeah, daddy, I like it like that.

Or whatever. It’s not really like playing your father.

TGR: What’s your pay?

K: Mine’s kind of higher than, I guess, a lot of girls. For a boy/girl, $1200, for girl/girl, $800. Most people get six for a girl/girl.

TGR: And that’s a day?

K: That’s a scene.

TGR: How many days a week do you work?

K: I don’t like to work more than once a week. Because I’m just trying to take it slow right now and build up a name – and not to get shot out real quick. Because I only work with my husband.

TGR: You won’t work with other guys?

K: I don’t want to.

TGR: How about women?

K: Oh, yeah, I work with other girls. I just don’t want to work with any other men.

TGR: Because you don’t have any desire to? Or you think it might mess up your relationship?

K: I don’t have any desire to. And I don’t want to take the chance of it fucking our relationship up. Which I don’t think it would, anyway, because we have a very, very strong relationship. If, some day, it came up, and I wanted to do it, I don’t think it would be something he would hold me back from. Like, he wants me to experience everything. It’s just not something I’m into.

TGR: Do you guys experiment outside of the film world?

K: What do you mean? Do we hook-up with other chicks?

TGR: Yeah, exactly.

K: I hook-up with tons of other chicks.

TGR: Is he involved?

K: He sometimes videotapes it.

TGR: Wait. How many chicks do you hook up with?

K: Tons of them.

TGR: Really?

K: Yeah.

TGR: How old are you?

K: 23.

TGR: And how many girls have you been with?

K: I can’t count that high.

TGR: Give me like an average. Over 50?

K: No. I started hooking up with girls when I came out to California.

TGR: You see what California does to people?

K: Well, no, because I always wanted to, but girls were afraid of me. Like, back East, it’s not normal.

TGR: Come on, Massachusetts doesn’t have gay women?

K: Yeah, but that’s gay women. I don’t like gay women…

TGR: Okay.

K: …like butch-dykes.

TGR: What is the pleasure-factor in being with a woman?

K: I just think chicks are hot. And it’s not really a threat for my husband. I think it kind of just like makes you horny and makes you want to go home and f*ck your man. At the end of the day, a girl still needs a little dick.

TGR: A little dick or a big dick?

K: (realizes her faux-pas and laughs) A big dick. I think the girls kinda make you horny so you can go home and jump your man’s c*ck. That’s just how I feel.

TGR: So you do chicks as an aphrodisiac?

K: Oh, totally.

TGR: Do you have any specialties?

K: Ahhhh, I don’t think so. I haven’t been in here too long.

TGR: Would you like to have a specialty one day?

K: Yeah. To be the hottest chick ever.

TGR: That’s what you want to be?

K: Yeah.

TGR: And what are your limits?

K: Um, I don’t have too many limits.

TGR: Donkeys?

K: I draw the line at donkeys.

TGR: Okay, good.

K: But like, my anal, I’m going to hold out for a little while.

TGR: You haven’t had anal yet?

K: Um, not on film.

TGR: So why are you holding out?

K: Because you gotta keep something, to have longevity in your career. Like, if you just give everything up the first year…and when you do you’re gonna get shot out and no one is going to want to see anything anymore. We’ve already seen that, why am I going to pay to see it again? Same thing. When, you know, if you hold out on your anal, you can get more in the end.

TGR: No pun intended.

K: Yeah.

TGR: Where did you pick up that philosophy?

K: All my girlfriends basically. I was blessed to come into the industry with a lot of people who have a lot of knowledge about the porn industry, who’ve been in it for a while. They’re just very intelligent people, and have that longevity in their career, when they’ve been in it like for five years and they still work all the time.

TGR: And do you have like a time plan on when you’re going to give the anal up?

K: I don’t really have a time plan, just whenever it’s right. Probably like around the end of my career somewhere.

TGR: How old will you be when that happens?

K: I have no idea.

TGR: You don’t have plans for that?

K: I don’t know. Because it depends on how well my career is going. If my career’s not going so well, and I think I want to get out of it, and I want do something else…

TGR: Like?

K: I don’t know. Whatever I may want to do. Have kids, be a housewife (she laughs).

TGR: Okay.

K: Do make-up/hair, because that’s what I did before I came into the industry.

And, you know, I’ll do it then [anal], make a little extra cash. You know, for a little cushion. Then I’ll do something else. But for now, it seems to be going really well, and I don’t want to think about it, because I don’t want to jinx it or anything.

TGR: I hear ya.

K: I want to let it roll.

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